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About the Calculator Alligator!

The Calculator Alligator came into being after building a lot of other interesting calculators for an math education website, and while there were many ideas for many more calculators, they started to not fit well with the theme there. So Al the Calculator Alligator was born!

What Types of Calculators are Here?

The site includes a huge number of calculators for basic math, finance, health, dates, times and more. If you need details about the calculators or what they can do for you, be sure to click the zoom button on each calculator panel to go to the calculator's dedicated page, where you'll find more information about how that specific calculator works and when to use it.

Every effort has been made to make sure the calculations are accurate, but if you notice a descrepancy please drop us a note at the email below. If you are making calculations for any purpose where life or limb may be at risk, please be sure to double check all calculations with multiple sources.

Why Should I Create an Account?

You will notice when you perform calculations, they are saved in the tape area. You can click on these calculations to restore them to the calculator where they were made, or just review them there if you forgot a number from a few calculations back.

By creating an account, your calculator tape will be saved between sessions, and if you log in across devices, your tape information will be available everywhere. You can also 'pin' your favorite calculators to your page, so if you are doing the same types of calculations repeatedly they will all be right where you need them when you come to the site.

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Have suggestions for calculators? Questions about how some of the calculators work? Or just want to say hello? Drop Al a note below...
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